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How Does Diabetes Affect Sexual Health?
Diabetes is a chronic health condition that is characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels. High levels of glucose can damage the inner linings of blood vessels. Over time, this damage decreases the elasticity of your blood vessels and causes them to narrow down, impeding the flow of blood to sexual organs.

Having diabetes can increase the risk of diabetic neuropathy—a type of nerve damage caused by high blood glucose levels. Nerve damage caused by diabetes can impair the communication between the brain and nerves in the sexual organs, making it difficult to achieve sexual stimulation and orgasm.

Sexual problems associated with diabetes
Diabetes is a major cause of low libido or poor sex drive in both men and women. According to research, people with type 2 diabetes may experience low libido due to a combination of factors such as low energy levels, hormonal changes (low testosterone), stress, relationship issues, and side effects of medications. Besides low sexual desire, there are certain sexual problems that are unique to diabetic men and women.

Sexual problems specific to diabetic men
Low testosterone: Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in regulating sex drive (libido). According to research, men with diabetes, particularly those who are older and obese, are at a greater risk of having low testosterone levels.
Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to perform sexual intercourse. High blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes can damage small blood vessels and nerves that control sexual stimulation and response. It is believed that this damage impedes a man’s ability to achieve a firm erection.
Retrograde ejaculation: Retrograde ejaculation is a sexual health issue that occurs when semen is ejaculated into the bladder instead of out of the penis. Men with abnormally high glucose levels may experience retrograde ejaculation due to nerve damage to the internal sphincter muscles.
Peyronie’s disease: Peyronie’s disease is a condition wherein fibrous scar tissue develops on the penis, causing it to curve or lose length or girth. The condition can make sexual intercourse rather painful for men. According to studies, having diabetes can significantly increase the risk of Peyronie’s disease by encouraging the development of scar tissue on the penis.


Diabetic patients sooner or later are very prone to suffer from impotency. Blood flow to the male organ is very slow which leads to no or very less erection which results in impotency, we have special courses ( made of special ayurvedic herbs and minerals ) for patients who have impotency because of diabetes. Kindly consult ayurvedic Sex Specialist Doctor Delhi ( Dr. Vikram Sablok).

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